“General wellbeing programs are a thing of the past. Businesses are now heading toward innovative, groundbreaking experiences that empower their people to be the best they can be so that they can reach new heights”


We absolutely love what we do and thrive on providing a space where you can express, explore, create and transform in life. We work with you to cut through barriers to be the person (or people) you want to be whether it be about work, at home or for personal reflection.

Ultimately we are in the business of helping you and your team to feel less stressed, more connected, aswell as developing the skills to live a confident and happy professional and personal life.

Life doesn’t fit into a template, we create and facilitate specially tailored programs and training to suit your specific needs and would love to have a chat with you about how we can work together.

We offer free initial consultations via our online booking system below – or feel free to contact us via our contact page.


70 Million views! What an impact.

Why this is sooo good and been watched over 70 million times on Facebook – no exaggeration, yes really 70million! Carpool Karaoke is one of those […]

We need to stop saying this…

This week is mens health week and got me thinking about how I was horrified when I went to a health event a couple of months […]

See what we get up to

We take an inside look at an Ignite Art Therapies staff wellbeing workshop while hearing from Bel all about their services.

A Big Decision

Earlier this year I spoke about a calling, that sometimes you need to listen to that little voice that keep nagging for you to do something […]

Privacy Matters

Something got me a little worked up today and it highlighted to me the importance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy with those that we work with. […]

This is what we have been up to at TEDx Adelaide

Ignite Art Therapies were thrilled to demonstrate art therapy at the TEDx Adelaide event on Thursday. The aim being bringing individuals together and connecting the TEDx […]

To be revealed…

Last night I had an instinct to do an art therapy process after huge week of facilitating one on one sessions, a couple of wellbeing workshops […]

When helping isn’t that helpful

I have been to a few events recently and have been a little stunned with some of the behaviours of people that are trying to help […]

Someone walked out before we started

Recently I had someone walk out of a workshop before we got into the main content. I use picture cards to check in with participants at […]

The reaction was bigger than the situation

I was talking with colleagues the other day about a really embarrassing thing that happened to me. I am able to laugh about it now and […]

Those moments that speak to you!

You know those moments when something speaks to you, where it feels like it was there just for you in that moment in time – that […]

Unexpected Surprises!

This past weekend I had no plans except to stay in Melbourne with a friend after a conference – and so many unexpected things eventuated. Life […]

Why this sign got me fired up!

I `m going to try not to get all grumpy pants about this but I was a little taken aback when I was with a friend […]

What actually happens in a 1:1 Art Therapy Session?

What happens in an art therapy session? Its really hard to just jot down what actually happens in art therapy, as each individual session is personally […]

Cancer – Big Turning Point.

I continuously support people through some of the most vulnerable, raw, stuck times in their life and I am constantly in wonder at the human spirit […]

To a Young Heart Everything Is FUn!


Experiential Workshops bringing the team together.

Its great to see organisations like Credit Union SA seeing  the value in supporting their staff and we are super proud to reveal a project that […]

What does your Inner Child want to tell you?

CLICK BELOW TO SEE WHAT WE WONDERed – and what others thought! What We Wonder is a new series that explores life and what makes us, […]

Something I have been wanting to do for ever!

Its my birthday on Monday and usually at this time of year I can feel the emotion building but some how it’s a little different this […]

Its a Crying Shame.

While conducting a de-brief the other day with some staff having difficulties after some incidents at work, something was highlighted to me. Some actions are seen […]

Things Aren’t Always What they Seem

Let have a chat about something really important – things arent always what they seem. Often we see people that seem to have it all, the […]

When you meet an inspiration

Have you ever had a time when you meet someone and everything they say just makes sense. This happened when I went to a talk on […]

Moving through discomfort.

This morning I went totally out of my comfort zone and attended a creative movement workshop. When ever movement has come up in my training or […]

Light in the Darkness

As we brace ourselves here in South Australia for another huge storm it has been interesting observing reactions about having the whole state in a blackout. […]

What are you watching, reading and seeing?

On Friday night thought I was chilling out with my sister and we decided to watch a movie. Sounds pretty good as I love getting lost […]

Why I do what I do

Yesterday, I went to a coffee catch up for business owners, when we were doing intros one of the ladies spoke completely from the heart about […]

Why people raving about their coach/therapist isn’t necessarily a good thing

Why people raving about their coach/therapist isn’t necessarily a good thing Lately I have seen so many posts with people wo have seen a practitioner put […]

Finding the Spark

This week,  I ran a workshop with some teachers that are doing remarkable things and are often under enormous stress. When I did an intro activity asking […]

Show and Tell… Paper, paper, paper

Paper, Paper, Paper I thought I would do a quick show and tell to talk about paper and the way that it can have meaning and […]

The Shared Wisdom

The wisdom On Thursday, I finished a series of sessions with an art therapist overseas. This is a person that is well versed in journaling and […]

I have had this song on repeat for a month

I have had this song on repeat for a month Every now and then there is a song that I come across and cant stop listening […]

It’s a Sign!

That moment when it doesn’t make sense but you need to buy something, but you just have to. Bel ponders her recent experience of walking past a sign & how it has got her thinking.

A big question being asked.

Many of you know that in a couple of weeks I am embarking on a challenge that is incredibly outside of my comfort zone. I am […]

This was deleted!

While I was away in NZ I made a little vid to give you an idea of what I was getting out of the trip. And […]

Moving forward in a session with a perfectionist


How to unleash your Creativity


How to separate yourself from your clients Trauma

QT #1 – How do you determine what method to use

Our first question is from Stephanie about how to know what method to use in Art Therapy. Bel will answer questions weekly so feel free to […]

This was deleted!

Bels recent trip was full of learnings, she even did a video about it but something happened that was a message in itself.

A big question being asked.

Many of you know that in a couple of weeks I am embarking on a challenge that is incredibly outside of my comfort zone. I am […]

Those that ‘get it’

On Friday I had a catch up with these lovely ladies (with me in the pic) who are very special to me. Boy, have we shared […]

Today was tough.

Today was one of those days training for New Zealand – yet there were some awesome surprises along the way.

What is your symbol?

When asked to choose a symbol for 2016, I was amazed at what people came up with. This is a video of some of the responses – a symbol holds so much meaning and can be easily referred to throughout the year.

When Xmas is tough

As my inbox is fills to the brim with well wishes at Christmas I thought I would offer my wish for this week as it may […]

Telling the story

On Saturday night I went and saw a screening of the good dinosaur and like every great Disney movie there were many message within. If you […]

When things don’t go to plan.

So here was the plan for today…. Wake up early go for a walk, do some shopping, get Xmas card printed and so a placement review […]

I can’t believe I am doing this…

This decision makes no sense at all considering where I am in my life and rationally it just shouldn’t happen. Yet, there is something deep inside that keeps saying that NO is not an option…I just have to do it.

What do you see?

The lenses we look through. There is fabulous 3 min ad for canon going round the traps right now and I thought it was a very […]

I did the most stupid thing and need to STOP

I have had a blast in the past couple of months doing all things art therapy but there was a few signs in the past week […]

Perfectionism isn’t that perfect.

 Isn’t it amazing how you go to the movies to escape from the world and what seemed like a light hearted story really gets you thinking. […]

Share the hidden treasure

In the case of arts therapy it is useful to develop a voice together so that we can share the brilliance of what we do with the world instead of it being the hidden treasure that no-one knows about. As that would be the biggest shame of all.

Caring for the Carers

Its national Carers week this week so I want to make a little tribute to the wonderful carers that I have been lucky enough to work […]

Mindfulness Colouring. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

 thanks to Sarah from bloomwellbeing.com.au we got to write about our thoughts on colouring… Guest Blog September 21, 2015 I know you’ve seen them. They’re everywhere. At […]

I’ve got something to ask

You would be surprised about some of the people that come and see me who appear to have it all together but underneath they are really struggling with life.

What’s with the bag?

I shared one of my favourite stories in a workshop on Friday night “the huge bag of worries’ and then on Saturday night there was a […]

The fire I love…

It might be a little obvious but just in case you missed it I love the symbol of fire – hence the name Ignite Art therapies. […]

The story that gives me goose bumps…

This week I did a talk at the University of Adelaide on art therapy and I got tingles all over telling one particular story. I was […]

The Lessons Live On

I had a big, big, big week this week and a couple of colleagues and I went to have a few debrief lemonades after work on […]

Clouds and Weather…

There has been some great weather and cloud sayings for this weeks Metaphor. To be on cloud nine  Having a foggy brain. Every Cloud has a […]

If I was my own therapist…

Today I ran a workshop with some lovely business owners and we touched base with the whole why we do what we do. Got me thinking […]

Oh that’s disgusting!

Yep we have all said it, we all make judgements and we all take the higher ground sometimes. But what is the purpose of disgust. I […]

Sadness needs to speak

This week I am going to highlight all of the characters but today its all about sadness. In the movie, In the movie Joy spends enormous […]

Lets talk about the F Word

Sometimes fear has a funny way of rearing its head. Yes it when we are scared of something like snakes, public speaking or heights but it […]

The party inside us!

The voices inside our head have quite the party in there.  I am bit of a fan (a huge one already) of Inside Out the new […]

More than a pile of papers

Keeping it Real. This pile of papers may look like a lot of mail to you but to me its something much more. It’s a big […]

How Dare You

Last night I went to see the movie BoyChoir. There are lots of themes within the movie that I could reflect upon tonight such as the […]

Facilitating Life

It feels amazing to see what happens when you combine 2 coordinators, 8 training professionals and 16 young people who have something in common and a […]

unexpected teachers in life

While I hear a lot of people talk about not wanting to get older, I only know too well what a how some people don’t get […]

Today is one of those days

So this guy is very special to me and was my first hero. On this day in 1988 our lives changed forever. It is a lifetime […]

That awkward feeling…

In the led up to my workshop on running workshops I have been reflecting upon what it was like when I first started out. I will […]

What do you need?

I have had a week or so, feeling a little weird and not really knowing why. I am good when I am with clients, running workshops […]

Starting a New

There is something really refreshing about starting a new year. Its like there is a clean slate and things that might have been left behind in […]

Once Upon a time

Ignite Life is a little late this week and I skipped last week as I have been away. I was attending a conference in Melbourne and […]

Just do it

Have you written the date lately? On Saturday I had a moment of how the hell did that happen. Its November already and you can’t escape […]

The Big Test

Yesterday I watched a movie, Boyhood that took over twelve years to make using the same actors to play the characters over this time. Its very […]

Fuelling the Fire!

I wonder if you have noticed that I have been very quiet (silent in fact) lately and without making excuses or having to justify all of […]

I’m Over It!

Yesterday, I came across a video clip that has a pretty cool message. Either I have been hiding under rock or this hasn’t reached the masses […]

An important conversation.

There is no doubt about the impact of the death of Robin Williams with a huge outpouring of grief . Even though the majority of the […]

Expressing Fully

Every now and then there seems to be a theme that is everywhere and this has definitely been the case in the last week or so […]

Who says?

You may or may not have noticed that I have been pretty quiet the last few days and I have spent some time beating myself up […]

Celebrating Achievement

On Friday night I stood at a graduation ceremony of some of the art therapy students that I have taught for the past 2 and half […]

Teaching Life

Yesterday I went and saw the movie Words and Pictures I was expecting it to be a pretty straight forward affair where I could sit here […]

Making Excuses

Ignite Life originally started that I would pick a song, movie, pieces of art, poem etc and chat about its theme for the week. It is […]

Stripping it back!

We have chatted in Ignite Life before about the power of music and how a songs can speak to us and have meaning on so many […]


I must admit I am a little worried about this weeks Ignite Life. I have a myriad of things that I could talk about, yet feel […]

Shaping who we are

Monday morning was just like another morning but for my brother something extraordinary was about to happen. It is his story so I wont go into […]

Having a ball!

On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend the Variety Club Friday the13th ball. While I am not one to get too glammed up and […]

The Fault in our Stars

Last night I went and saw the movie ‘the fault in our stars’ and all I can say is WOW! This movie is full of themes […]

Pretending its all good

Often we pretend that all is well, that we have it all together and try and portray to the outside world that all is wonderful. Well, […]

Shining Brightly

Two topics that I am chatting about this week may seem like they are on opposite end of the spectrum but trust me, there is a […]

Seeing Ourselves

Next week sees the return of the TV show Offspring here in Australia. When the last season ended there was an outpouring of emotion, it was […]

Skills of the craze.

I am really excited to have my first guest Ignite Lifer this week and the best thing is that she 10 years old. I have hung […]

Filling the Tank.

I have chosen to use a classic song to prompt the theme for this weeks Ignite Life. Apart from being one of my favourite MJ song, […]

A missed opportunity…

I has an interesting experience during the week that triggered something in me, in actual fact it razzed me up so much that every time I […]

The signs in life.

They say a picture says a 1000 words, Ignite life will explore this idea for the entire week as it’s one of the reasons why art […]

The signs in life

They say a picture says a 1000 words, Ignite life will explore this idea for the entire week as it’s one of the reasons why art […]

Let you shine through…

This weeks theme for Ignite Life is a reflection on how easy it is to keep ourselves small. I am going to be pretty straight to […]

I am not immune…

Ignite Life this week is ‘inspired’ by my mood as I sat here in bit of a funk (not the dancing type of funk!) not knowing […]

Everyday Heroes

Ignite Life this week is one that is going to give us all bit of a reality check. In this day of worshipping celebrities for being […]

I wonder…

One of my favourite words is ‘wonder’ and is the theme for tonight’s Ignite Life. It’s about the sense of amazement, being curious as well as […]

Sentimental Meaning…

Last Wednesday was the anniversary of my Dads death. He died when I was 12, and while this feels like a lifetime ago, there are things […]

Fringe Benefits

Ignite Life this week is about taking the opportunity to embrace the Adelaide Fringe/Festival as there is so much on offer and the benefits are huge. […]

Our Deepest Fear

Yesterday I facilitated my own Ignite Art Therapies workshop that was sparked by a reflection that appears regularly in my life, usually at a time when […]

This girl is on fire…

This week I want to reflect on a young person who is following her passion. A couple of years ago, I would often call into the […]

Love Vs Hate

Last night I went to the movies to see Mandela, long walk to freedom and it is difficult to believe that this movie is based on […]

The patterns of life

Ignite Life this week is inspired by an amazing landscape artist Andre Amador. As can be seen from the attached article he makes the most breathtaking […]

Absorb what is happening

Ignite Life this week is inspired from a facebook video (I will post the link) that triggered something in me and took back to the Fringe […]

Lets the song take you over

Ignite Life for this week features a movie that sticks out in my mind from the past couple of years, not only for the story about […]

On we march…

Ignite life is a where we offer reflections to take you into your week. Our first instalment is very fitting as 2013 ends and we attempt […]

People We’ve Worked For