About Us

After growing up in country South Australia and hitting the ‘big smoke’ of Adelaide, Bel was lead on a path to be a leading art therapist and creative facilitator and is very passionate about creating workshops and individual sessions that are self reflective, inspire and motivate.

Bel has that little something that is hard to put into words and often finds herself having people saying things that they don’t normally share with others – and that’s just at barbecues!

Drawing on her own experiences of adversity Bel is very passionate about you expressing what is really going on through creative experiential explorations rather than the clichéd ‘how does that make you feel’ statements. She truly believes that we all need a space to be real – and you will notice this about Bel, no masks here!

For over 15 years Bel has worked extensively with youth, people living with cancer, youth at risk, children and adults and is currently the Art therapist at Paediatric Palliative Care at Womens and Children Hospital as well as the director of Ignite Art therapies.

Through her work she has developed an invaluable insight into vicarious trauma, burnout and self care and is passionate about organizations’ empowering and supporting their employees to be the best they can be as that makes for a positive, happy, productive environment.

Her dream is that we all have a space to explore our lives, that we only carry the things that serve us and we find ways to break through the barriers to success, abundance, confidence, freedom and become the person (or group of people) that we want to be.

Having studied a bachelor of Communications, Masters in Counselling and diplomas in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy it is safe to a say that Bel is very interested in people, their stories and how they impact life. Her experience is the real deal and she loves to take an interest in the individual and adopts a flexible approach rather than boxing people into a genre or using cliches of how life should be.

She is also a movie buff, is quite the board game player, loves live theatre and music, is addicted to Feel Good Iced Coffee and takes great joy in jumping in a flat tank to rejuvenate.

Our Mission

Ignite inspires individuals to acknowledge and transition through life while realising their own possibilities. We create leaders that share the power of art therapy with others and provide reflective experiences. And facilitate innovative seminars in multiple industries to assist with wellbeing and taking responsibility for actions.



Our Vision

By 2017 Ignite Art Therapies will be the ‘go to’ hub for art therapy facilitation in Australia.