May 18, 2014

Shining Brightly

Two topics that I am chatting about this week may seem like they are on opposite end of the spectrum but trust me, there is a […]
May 4, 2014

Seeing Ourselves

Next week sees the return of the TV show Offspring here in Australia. When the last season ended there was an outpouring of emotion, it was […]
April 28, 2014

Skills of the craze.

I am really excited to have my first guest Ignite Lifer this week and the best thing is that she 10 years old. I have hung […]
April 21, 2014

Filling the Tank.

I have chosen to use a classic song to prompt the theme for this weeks Ignite Life. Apart from being one of my favourite MJ song, […]
April 14, 2014

A missed opportunity…

I has an interesting experience during the week that triggered something in me, in actual fact it razzed me up so much that every time I […]
April 13, 2014

The signs in life.

They say a picture says a 1000 words, Ignite life will explore this idea for the entire week as it’s one of the reasons why art […]