October 25, 2017

When helping isn’t that helpful

I have been to a few events recently and have been a little stunned with some of the behaviours of people that are trying to help […]
October 8, 2017

Someone walked out before we started

Recently I had someone walk out of a workshop before we got into the main content. I use picture cards to check in with participants at […]
September 24, 2017

The reaction was bigger than the situation

I was talking with colleagues the other day about a really embarrassing thing that happened to me. I am able to laugh about it now and […]
July 30, 2017

Those moments that speak to you!

You know those moments when something speaks to you, where it feels like it was there just for you in that moment in time – that […]
July 30, 2017

Unexpected Surprises!

This past weekend I had no plans except to stay in Melbourne with a friend after a conference – and so many unexpected things eventuated. Life […]
June 25, 2017

Why this sign got me fired up!

I `m going to try not to get all grumpy pants about this but I was a little taken aback when I was with a friend […]