Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

inner child


One of the questions we asked in our video series What We Wonder was ‘what does your Inner Child want to tell you?”

We had an overwhelming response that they wanted to relax, play and enjoy life. This event is all about listening to that little voice inside and taking action to meet the need of the child within. Who knows where this experiential workshop will go…

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Fac-il-i-tate is an interactive training with lots of hot tips on getting your group engaged, whether its a one off meeting, a series of workshops or a program. You will learn some simple strategies that can go a long way to help with what you are trying to achieve so you can get on with it rather than getting stuck with certain behaviours and it being a waste of time for participants.

We will share the useful things we have learnt along the way, the stuff that you can’t get in a text book – the real life things that you can draw upon when things go pear shaped, something needs to change or you need to inject some excitement into the group.

Fac-il-i-tate will be about the nitty gritty of facilitation/training and how to avoid eye rolling, participants falling asleep, conflict, complete silence when you ask a question or someone talking about their love life when its a group about something else. Its about having the confidence to facilitate no matter what happens. Its about sharing knowledge in your workshop/meeting and have you feeling like its all fallen into place.



Personal Reflection

Altered Book Club

Altered book club is a time to let the rest of the world be on hold for a while so that you can reflect, relax and gain insight into what you want out of life.

This is an ongoing monthly event, where we will gather as an Ignite community to work on your own altered book. This is a reflective, symbolic way to have a look at the story that you are living and what is serving you but also what needs a bit of editing. You can focus on different aspects (eg feeling calmer, less stressed, more confident) or just let it all unfold before your eyes.

If you feel like you need a bit of time spent on working a few things out, want some time away from it all and want a fuller life then this is the place for you.

This is a personal time to do what you need to do whether it be stripping back, changing, ripping, adding, blocking, sticking, reinforcing, embellishing, rearranging, painting over, decorating, pulling things apart the process will give you some insight into your life and how to lead the life you want.

The other great news is that your first session is complimentary and you can share your package with your friends (eg the 10 sessions you can come to five sessions with a friend or a workplace can buy a package and sent 3 different employees equivalent to 10 sessions)

Dates and links to booking in.

Professional Development

Professional Development

We have a variety of workshops that will help you to being some creative facilitation to your practice and consolidate the skills you need to engage with others.




May 4, 2016
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 Facilitate Fac-il-i-tate is an interactive training with lots of hot tips on getting your group engaged, whether its a one off meeting, a series of workshops […]
May 4, 2016

Upskilling for Professionals

May 4, 2016
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Boost Employee Productivity

May 4, 2016

Achieve Personal Clarity