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Boost Employee Productivity – Ignite Art Therapies

Boost Employee Productivity

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou –

Experiential Seminars

Ignite creates seminars for your team to reflect, develop and implement strategies for a healthy, happy, positive work environment.

Whether it be a one off, series or a regular program the sessions will connect personally and allow space for self reflection and insight.
Themes include…

  • Team Building
  • Mindfullness
  • Stress Mangement
  • Work/Life Harmony
  • Self Care
  • Coping Strategies
  • Wellbeing

Empowering Your Team

Breaking through barriers and developing a positive culture.

Whether your employees are stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, have had something big happen in life, are in conflict with one another or are wanting to set goals we can tailor a program just for you.

It could be that you want to  come together more as a team, need to spend some time living your mission and values or maybe something has changed dramatically and you need some space to reflect, connect and regroup as a team.  We spend so much of our life at work, wouldn’t it be great if it was  a place where everyone was on the same page and were enthusiastically getting on with what you are there to achieve.

Sometimes personal dynamics or outside influences get in the way of having a happy supportive environment which then limits employees fulfilling their potential and that then leads to disempowerment and are not so positive to be around. Ultimately you want to have an environment where staff feel supported and proactive with their own sense of self and role within the team.


Employee Assistance Program

It goes without saying that content and happy employees make great workplaces and ultimately a more productive, positive environment. The reality is that your people may have things in their personal or professional life that may not be going so well. They need some extra support so that they can continue to live life to their potential. We provide a private confidential space so that they can safely explore their situation and transition into the way they want things to be. You want to support them the best you can and by providing space just for them, you are certainly doing that.

Depending on the circumstances we can do individual consultations or share time with a group of people.

Preventing Burnout

Stress can take its toll and has an impact on you and your team and ultimately leads to burnout. It just creeps up and then the ripple effect happens –  absenteeism, illness, disconnection, lack of concentration, the list goes on – none of it being conducive to a motivated purpose filled day. Knowing the signs of burnout and vicarious trauma are paramount to having a productive and connected team. Our interactive workshop educates you and your most valuable resource so that you can be aware of your warning signs and most importantly implement strategies to ensure healthy happy team – its so much more than a fruitbowl or exercise program.

Conflict Mangagement

Quite often there is reactive emotions when there is conflict. Our Creative processes give voice to all parties and help to clear the air as well as provide an opportunity to self reflect, own behaviours and take responsibility for actions. It is about moving through the conflict so that there is constructive learning and development.


When big things happen sometimes people don’t always feel comfortable to talk about it or they are in shock that they need a space to reflect and make sense of the situation. We help you to help your team by providing a reflective process that gives them time to express, gain insight and explore what is happening for them and their colleagues.

Living Your Mission, Vision and Values

Your culture is the key to having a productive, engaging and positive environment. Our experiential sessions allow your team to have input into your mission, vision and values so that they feel part of it. We also have some great activities that will consolidate the team and how they are living the values of the organization, and are embodying the vision and grand plan.