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Our rooms are on the edge of Adelaide city, in Parkside. It’s a hub called Sass Place at 118a Glen Osmond Road. We consult down stairs from an area off the crèche and run some of our workshops from here too. For programs that are specially tailored for organisations we come to you or at a venue that is suitable for you needs. We also have some online programs so you can do art therapy from the comfort of your own home!

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The short answer is NO, art materials will be provided for the session or workshop. There may be an occasion or a reason why you would want to bring something to use in the session that is personal and that’s ok.

The great thing about having years of experience and a very creative outlook on life is that Bel can adapt to the needs of the client. If you have someone having a baby shower, is moving elsewhere, or you just want to work on something as a group then that’s not a problem we can develop a specially customised activity to suit your needs.

Sometimes you see in the movies people interpreting the art work that someone has done. This is not what happens in real life with us. The thing is that you have made the art with an intention. It is your work and we don’t know what it means for you. We will ask you questions to see if your meaning can be discovered or highlighted. You might not want to talk about a certain part of the art but you know what it measn and chose not to talk about it specifically.

This is a bit like the question how long is a piece of string but we usually recommend coming for a few sessions and seeing what you are wanting out of the sessions. Of course you can decide that you want to have a break or things are sorted for a while but the door is always open. It can be great to have more sessions to unpack and get more insight and tackle a few topics. We work with you in determining what is the best way to go forward.

Yes indeed, we don’t spent the whole session doing the art as its not an art lesson. What we will do is have a quick chat about what you want from the session and then get into the art. We will then have a look at the art and discuss any symbolism that is speaking to you. The good thing is that you don’t have to chat about the bits that you don’t want to, you have expressed them in the art and you choose what you verbalise.

You can just come as you are but some art can be a bit messy so it might be useful to have clothes that paint etc can be gotten out of easily, or wear an old top that you won’t be devastated if paint jumps onto it. The important thing i to be comfortable so if you need to change out of your corporate suit that’s cool but its ok to stay in it if you want.

NO sireee, no art will be shown without your permission. Remember that you are creating art for expression not for exhibition. We take your privacy really seriously and will not show your art to anyone as that would be like telling everyone what you said in a counselling session. You can of course share whatever you like but we won’t be displaying your process in our room, on our website or in any promotional material – in fact the art that is shown in these materials has been made especially for demo purposes so that you can get an idea of what might happen in a session – that’s how serious we take this.

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