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Achieve Personal Clarity – Ignite Art Therapies

Achieve Personal Clarity

If we can share our story with someone
who responds with empathy and understanding,
shame can’t survive.

– Brené Brown

Spend time with one of our experienced consultants to express, understand, and transition through life so that you can feel ready to take on the world. It is a safe, private, confidential space where together we focus on you, how to express what is happening, gain valuable insights, explore how to navigate, understand and adapt to life.

Individual sessions are for you if you…

Have just been through a major life event – birth, death, relationship changes, career, illness, trauma, new beginnings or anything that is significantly impacting your world.

Life seems to be going along nicely and from the outside everyone thinks that it’s all rosey. But on the inside there is something else happening.

You have so much going on and can’t really get a break from that feeling of complete chaos and feel stressed all the time.

You have hit the wall and are stuck not knowing what the next step is to take.

The tank is always running on empty and you want it to be different.

You have big dreams and want life to be easy, drama free and to live passionately.

You want to be yourself again.

What happens in an art therapy session?


It’s really hard to just jot down what actually happens in art therapy, as each individual session is personally tailored according to what you want to get out of the session.

The first thing is to establish what you want to focus on for the session. We chat for a while with you and decide what you are hoping to get from our time together. Maybe you are stuck with something. overwhelmed with everything going on, have no time for you, there has been a big life event, you might be needing to make a decision, transitioning to something new, want to dream about life being different or plan for the future.

Your intention for the session determines what medium is used and how the session is navigated from there.

The mediums that are used can be anywhere from using oil pastels, drawing, painting, movement, soft pastels, construction, clay, plasticine, sandplay, watercolours, collage, marbelling, markers, pencils, kinetic sand, charcoal, pictures, natural stuff… the list goes on.

Once the art is created we can have a look at what is happening you in the ‘image’ and look at some of the things that you see and how that relates to what you want out of the session. You also don’t have to be too concerned about being an artist – its the doing and expressing while you are creating that’s important not what it looks like.

Its important to note that the therapist doesn’t know what your work means for you, our job is to help you to unpack the meaning it has for you and what you want to do from there.

The next stage can go in lots of different directions, its all depends upon what you want to do with the art and what will help you with whats going on. It can be looking at your art from different angles, smudging, burning, rubbing, cutting, pulping, ripping, adding, taking away, transforming, gluing, connecting, weaving, manipulating, unravelling, moving, securing, moulding, rinsing, or doing anything else to the art before coming to some sort of conclusion for the session.

Individual sessions run for approximately 60-90minutes and the same theme can be worked on for numerous sessions or the goal can change each time.