Oh The Places You Will Go!

There is something really exciting on the horizon and we want you to be part of it.

Imagine sitting at your desk staring aimlessly at the computer screen then escaping into a new world that relaxes, surprises and revitalises.

What about being able to go the places that you only dream of, you can sit in wonder under the sea or spend some time exploring space.

Imagine being able to create art and instead paper it is in 3D. You have access to special effects express and explore life – a awesome way to have an art therapy session. Once you have created you can take a journey through your art to see it (and life) from different perspectives. You can then add effects, erase, change or embellish to inform your life.

Even though you know if would be good for you, maybe you have trouble meditating as it is difficult to visualise in your mind. With this technology you will be immersed in different environments to help you regulate, de stress and escape into your senses.

We are asking if you (or your organisation) would like to come on the adventure with us and discover the possibilities of promoting wellbeing through the use of Virtual Reality.

It would involve volunteering an hour of your time to put on a virtual reality headset and be immersed in the experience. You will escaping into a different world or going through an art therapy process. We would then like to hear all about how you found the experiences. Its as simple as that.

Our Pilot program commences in early 2020, if you are a little curious, like to be surprised and want to help shape the future of well being, we would love to hear from you.

To put your hand up and say yes to being part of something special please contact Bel Ryan

belinda.ryan@ignitarttherapies.com.au Ph 0403 826 730

View the videos below to get an idea of what you might experience…

Painting in 3D to express yourself is and incredible way to explore life

Maybe you want to experience all types of nature…

Escaping without having to leave the office provides a surprising experience