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Why Art Therapy? – Ignite Art Therapies

Why Art Therapy?

Sometimes life needs expressing, and it can be tricky to express whats happening with words alone.

You know that feeling of complete stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, feeling stuck or not knowing what to do in certain situation or finding it difficult to adapt to change whether that be a big event in your life, that is really hard to put your finger on what is happening. The great thing about this type of reflection is that by doing the art you are finding another way to speak about what is going on.

The metaphor of using particular mediums, engaging with certain symbols and interacting with the art can help release, transform, and transition in life.

Its not always just about a problem, the art therapy can be great to connect with others, set goals and plan for a better future. The process is the important part and can help express life fully no matter what that is, the art can take anything – yep even the big stuff that no one else understands, the things that you don’t want to burden others with or those crazy dreams or ambition that you are too embarrassed to admit – you don’t even have to talk about the issue if you don’t want as sometimes you just can’t find the words to describe it or it just can’t be spoken about . It can be heaps easier to talk about the art than what is happening for you.

Don’t stress If you are not good at art..thats perfect as Art therapy is not about creating masterpeices for exhibition. It’s the doing that’s important as in the doing lots of insight and expression helps you connect, to express life from the past, be in the moment or taking steps toward the possibilities for your life.